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English, Dutch, Flemish

Sport Types

Triathlon, Road Cycling, Mountain Biking, Cyclocross, Duathlon, IRONMAN, XTERRA, Swimming, Personal Training

Preferred Athlete Levels

Beginner, Intermediate


To get the best results you need the best plan. This plan is not only about making hours but it's to make you a better athlete. By taking into account your work, life and training balance I set up a schedule for you based on your goals and available time. Because their isn't a standard schedule, it's always depends on something.

I advise you on nutrition, running technique, effective planning etc. I work with heart rate or power for running and cycling. Swimming is based on time.

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I started my competitive cycling life 20 years ago and 8 years ago I discovered triathlon. I always wanted to do my best and set new goals to achieve. I want to learn from every period in the season so I become stronger and efficienter.

I am proud that I have won cycling races, complete several 24 hours mtb race, podium places at age group thriatlons, complete full distance Ironman (9:56) and proud father and husband.

My goal is to make you a better athlete and I became a better trainer and athlete. I always want to learn from each other.

I always include core, strength and stretch workouts in your trainingplan. So you get faster and stronger and decrease the risk of injury. As a bikefitter i can advice you in your cycling position for optimal comfort and performance

I specialize in powermeters for cycling and for running.


1-on-1 Coaching, Consultations, Group Coaching, Local Coaching, Remote Coaching, Strength Training, Nutrition, Mental Skills, Training Camps, Bike Fit, Run Analysis, Swim Analysis

Athlete Requirements

Everybody is welcome.

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