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Going out and running each day at the same pace can be fun and suits many runners fine, but it isn't going to enable you to achieve the best results in your races. Simply running more each day isn't going to maximize your potential either, though it might lead to injuries. What each runner needs, and what I believe in providing, is a balanced training program with a specific purpose driving each run. In other words, Train Smarter, Not Harder!


As an athlete, I ran competitively for 25 years, starting with age group cross-country and track. In HS, I won state championships in both indoor and outdoor track while also competing seriously in triathlons. I ran 2 years of cross-country and track (1500m) for North Carolina State University before focusing on triathlons and road races. After moving to Colorado, I started running trails and quickly moved into ultras. Over the years, I won more than 20 marathons and ultramarathons, as well as numerous shorter road and trail races. I still run for fun but spend most of my time rock climbing and mountain biking.

As a coach for the last 10 years, I've been able to share my love and knowledge of running with over 200 athletes ranging from novices to elite. I work with both local (Colorado Springs area) and remote athletes (5 continents so far).

When starting with a new athlete, I'll help you analyze your running history to figure out your strengths and weaknesses, and then adjust your training accordingly. For athletes focusing on ultramarathons, strategy, logistics, and fueling/hydration are extremely important topics that will also be addressed and practiced in your workouts.

No matter your racing distance, you’ll learn the importance of effective tapering, realistic goal-setting, and smarter race-day execution. Finally, I believe you'll be a better runner and a fitter, healthier athlete if you include lifting and other cross-training activities in your training program.


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Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced


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I only work with athletes 18 years and older.


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