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Pace Right Coaching prides itself on tailoring progressive run plans, mixed with strength training, to ensure you hit your goals injury free. Sometimes, with all the running we do, we throw strength training to the wayside. Nonetheless, it’s essential in maintaining proper posture, diminishing muscle compensation, absorbing impact, and improving agility! Check out our Generic Training plans and if you're looking for something a little more custom, Contact us!


Growing up I was overweight and never felt confident in my own skin. When I was 17, I learned I had hypothyroidism. This was a contributing factor to my excessive weight gain. I felt hopeless and as if I had no one to turn to.

About 6 years ago I decided I was done blaming my thyroid for everything. So, I began running. I lost 30 pounds over the course of 2 months by changing my eating habits, exercising, and believing in myself!

Over those 6 years I learned how to trust the process to progression. My journey did not happen unscathed, however. A couple years after I started running, I fractured my knees, shins, and ankles. This sidelined me for an entire year. The cause of my injuries were weak hips, glutes, and hamstrings which caused a poor running gait. I was not strength training at the time because I thought running was all that I needed. While I was out, I began gaining back a lot of weight due to low activity, anxiety, and diminished lean muscle. Instead of getting down on myself, I cleaned up my diet and did rehab to get my body in better shape to handle the impact of running!

The progress I made has inspired me to help others who have maybe given up hope, lost confidence, or “don’t have time.” You either make excuses or you make time! I am here to help you make time, believe in yourself, and be the best and most confident version of yourself!

I am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Specialist ready to help you get into the best shape of your life!


Minneapolis, MN
United States

Preferred Athlete Levels

Beginner, Intermediate


1-on-1 Coaching, Consultations, Remote Coaching, Strength Training, Nutrition

Sport Types

Running, Personal Training, Corporate Wellness



Athlete Requirements

Athletes who are ready to work hard and leave the excuses behind! You can do anything you set your mind on no matter what your goals!


Minneapolis, MN
United States