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Owen MacPhillamy


Sunshine Coast



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Road Cycling, Corporate Wellness

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Hi there,

Thinking of working with a coach?
Congratulations, this is the 1st step to returning to your former level or unlocking the last little bit.

Do you regularly need to take time off training due to work and family? Do you have limited time to train? Do you have an audacious goal you want to achieve?

My mission is to provide a system to you. That you can use time and again to quickly return to training. Be it through one off programs that you keep and return to or one on one.

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My journey so far has allowed me to travel to the other side of the world and race. I could not have done this alone, building a support network was very important.

After a crash that left me in

  • Hospital,
  • Rehab that I was not patient enough for,
  • A return to racing and the struggle between mind and body.
  • Leading to a retreat both physically and mentally.

A chance reading ofBorn to RunandNatural Born Hero's, a request to train a few riders led me to look outside of cycling and start a new journey of trial and error.

My coaching over the past 5years has let me test many methods. On myself and with willing riders.
Between us we have

  • Lost weight,
  • Increased functional strength,
  • Increased bike strength,
  • Gotten faster,
  • Gone further,
  • Felt happier,
  • Achieved results that seemed just out of reach
    and this I like the most we have all learnt and grown from each other.

I am excited to say my mission is to put together programs for riders between 25 and 45 who are motivated both to train, and to family and work. To offer the best collection of both riding workouts and supplementary material to give each rider tools to work through external and internal issues.


1-on-1 Coaching, Remote Coaching, Mental Skills

Athlete Requirements

Athlete's wanting to grow. You need a bike and at least a heart rate monitor.

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