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My goal is to help you achieve your goals and perform at higher levels! I will help provide you with motocross training and in return you will implement said training. After my wreck, I realized that what I was doing paled in comparison to what I needed to be doing. I realized, if I couldn't race anymore, there are probably people who could benefit from the mistakes I've learned. So... I started MyMotocrossTraining to help bridge the immense gap between the amateur levels to professional ranks.


My name is Kyle and I love training motocross. My main goal is to help you become the best that you can be in the sport of motocross and get you where you want to be in your racing career!

Some things to know:

  • I believe that everyone has something to improve, no matter where they're at.
  • I believe your mind will take you further than you think.
  • I broke my neck at 18
  • I have nerve damage in my left shoulder, but fortunately I'm still alive.

For the full story on how I broke my neck, visit:

In October of 2008, my family and I drove down to race in the Dodge Amateur Nationals at Hangtown in Sacramento CA.

On the first day, in the very first race, I lined up at the gate. I had done my mental preparation and physically, I was in the best shape of my life.

Gate dropped, ssecond place start into a left turn and we head up the hill. Sweeping left turn and back down the hill. On the way back down the hill I got hit from behind. Sent me straight into the ground and knocked me unconscious.

While unconscious, I would have been fine. EXCEPT, I was run over in between my neck brace and my helmet. The medics raced me to the hospital. I broke C2 (same injury as Christopher Reeve). Thankfully, without any spinal cord damage! Once again, I was incredibly lucky to have the surgeon that I did! The surgeon fused it from C1 (base of my skull) to C3 with two pins and four screws, etc. Good as new! Almost!


Eugene, OR
United States

Preferred Athlete Levels

Beginner, Intermediate


1-on-1 Coaching, Remote Coaching, Strength Training, Nutrition, Mental Skills

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Personal Training




Eugene, OR
United States