David Searle
David Searle Moor Endurance
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David Searle
David Searle Moor Endurance
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Harberton , United Kingdom



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David Searle
David Searle Moor Endurance
Harberton United Kingdom TQ9 7sf
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I first began to consider coaching others when I developed a serious injury, and a long and still continuing process began to try and fix my body and to diagnose what was happening. I realised how much I loved running when it was taken away, but I also learnt that the subject of running and everything that goes into making someone better at any level was how I could still be apart of the amazing community and to find satisfaction in helping someone beyond myself.

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On a personal level I had always educated myself however I could, but by taking myself out of the equation it became an ongoing research topic, something which I began to apply to every imaginary athlete I could think of. I qualified as a UESCA running coach which allowed me to analyse the specifics of what is required to be a successful and responsible coach and to really begin what will be a continually developing area of expertise. I think it is really important to stress that nobody knows everything and has every correct answer about a topic, especially one so nuanced as running coaching, where every athlete is an individual and a one size fits all philosophy wont cut it. But I can promise to do my best to provide the best coaching service I can by working with you the athlete to achieve your goals.

I specialise in trail and mountain running but am by no means limited to this area.

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United Kingdom
TQ9 7sf

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