Mikael Eriksson - Founder of Scientific Triathlon, Podcaster at That Triathlon Show   Scientific Triathlon




English, Swedish

Sport Types

Triathlon, Running, Duathlon, IRONMAN

Preferred Athlete Levels

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced


With all the athletes I coach, I have three goals:

-Improve the athlete's performance
-Increase the motivation and enjoyment the athlete gets from the sport
-Provide 100% personalized feedback, mentoring and support. Essentially, teach my athletes to be able to self-coach, should they so desire.

I have coached complete beginners to finish their first sprint and Olympic triathlons, and helped intermediate/advanced athletes qualify for World Championships and reach age group wins and podiums.

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I'm a Swedish-speaking Finn living in Lisbon, Portugal. I'm a full-time triathlon coach. In addition to my coaching, I train at a high level myself and host the podcast That Triathlon Show.

My background is in engineering, so my approach is based on science and data-driven decisions, although this by no means is at the exclusion of using experience and intuition in coaching. Above all, I emphasise a strong coach-athlete communication. No data can replace that. 

My philosophy is that every athlete has very individual needs, so I adapt my coaching ‚Äčto fit you as an individual. If I would describe my three most important traits as a coach it's dedicated, practical, and data-driven.

I'm dedicated to your success and spend a huge amount of time on every athlete I coach.

I'm very practical in that I realize that you need to fit your training in around plenty of other obligations, and in that I think most training gains can be made with a rather simplistic approach to training.

Many fancy-looking tactics and methods will only bring you marginal gains, but down-to-earth, practical training will give you all of your big wins.

I'm data-driven in the way that I plan and analyze your training. That's why we're using Training Peaks. A data-driven approach is a massive advantage for both beginners and advanced triathletes. With all the advances in science and technology, I believe triathletes and coaches not adopting a data-driven approach will soon be left behind.


1-on-1 Coaching, Consultations, Local Coaching, Remote Coaching, Training Camps

Athlete Requirements

Athletes must be committed to enjoying triathlon and being in it for the long haul. Athletes with clear performance goals get to jump the queue, as I enjoy coaching these athletes the most.



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