Matt Edwards
Matt Edwards Thrive Multisport Coaching
Matt Edwards
Matt Edwards Thrive Multisport Coaching

Crewe , United Kingdom



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Matt Edwards
Matt Edwards Thrive Multisport Coaching
Crewe United Kingdom CW2 8BN
Coach Bio

I am a triathlete of 20 years' standing having taken part in my first race in the summer of 2000 and I have been coaching for the past 3 years.

During my time in the sport I have completed 8 Ironman races, about 15-20 middle distance races and countless olympic distance & sprint triathlons.

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I am an Ironman Certified Coach and also a L1 British Triathlon Federation coach

I'm happy to work with novices and experienced athletes alike. My style may differ depending on your level of experience and the extent to which you are comfortable engaging with the coaching process. Wherever possible though I prefer coaching to be consultative rather than prescriptive and I am keen to engage the athlete as much as possible in that process.

Regardless of your experience level my coaching process always starts with you the athlete, your hopes and dreams and, most importantly, the landscape of your life outside the sport. It is essential to have a clear understanding of your non-sporting lifestyle - family, friends, work - before I can think about weaving the training into that tapestry.

Simply plonking a training schedule on top of an already busy life without giving thought to its integration is unsustainable and likely to lead to a loss of performance in some aspect of your life.

I have been active in the sport for so long because it has a positive impact on my life as a whole; I have learnt many lessons that have proved valuable in my wider life. That is my overriding hope for the athletes that I coach. Success in our sport can help us to thrive in our lives outside the sport.

Preferred Athlete Levels
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
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