Zlín , Czech Republic



Sport Types
  • Triathlon
  • Running
  • Duathlon
  • Swimming
  • Personal Training
  • Rowing
  • Corporate Wellness
  • 1-on-1 Coaching
  • Consultations
  • Remote Coaching
  • Strength Training
  • Nutrition
Athlete Requirements
Essential gear: GPS watches and heart rate monitors. Ideal addition: power meter. Additional advanced recovery analytics tools like Whoop or Oura Ring are also beneficial.
Meet Your Coach
Matej Nekoranec, MSc
Matej Nekoranec, MSc
Zlín Czech Republic
Coach Bio

Performance Director and Strength and Conditioning Specialist with an innovative approach and passion for human performance. He has already established his place in the field as a Personal Coach collaborating with professional European-level triathletes as well as commercial clientele across multiple sports and lifestyle domains.

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  • Matej is a highly skilled sports scientist and coach with a strong background in human performance. He holds a bachelor's degree in applied Sports Science with Coaching from Northumbria University, UK, and a master's degree in advanced Coaching in Strength and Conditioning from the University of South Wales, UK, providing him with a superb foundation in sports science, coaching, and technology integration. Matej is also a Certified National Triathlon Coach, holds Sports Massage Level 3 Certification, and finished Human-Centered Systems Thinking Certification.

  • Matej has a wealth of experience working closely with professional Olympic and long-distance triathletes, age-group athletes, local sports clubs, and governing bodies, serving as a consultant at the interface of science and methodology. His expertise lies in optimizing athlete performance through personalized training programs, advanced intensity monitoring, nutritional guidance, injury prevention, and advanced strength & conditioning methods. What sets Matej apart is his ability to scale plans to individual needs, taking into consideration social, family, and work-life constraints. He believes that while science provides the framework, the ultimate goal is to translate science into the specific context of every single person.

Preferred Athlete Levels
Intermediate, Advanced, Professional
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