Marco Aerts
Marco Aerts invictuscycling
Marco Aerts
Marco Aerts invictuscycling

Chaam , Netherlands


English, Dutch

Sport Types
  • Road Cycling
  • Cyclocross
  • 1-on-1 Coaching
  • Local Coaching
  • Training Camps
Athlete Requirements
I prefer to work with motivated young talented athletes I prefer a driven athlete with less talent than a talented person with little to no motivation
Meet Your Coach
Marco Aerts
Marco Aerts invictuscycling
Chaam Netherlands 4861 DK
Coach Bio

I am qualified Wielrentrainer 3 (Qualified by K.N.W.U.).
Over the years I have followed many courses to further develop myself as a trainer / coach.
Last year I attended a training course at the TrainingPeaks University in Manchester.

Since 1995 I work with athletes from 14 to 30 years at a local cycling association, WV Breda,
I do this through joint training and individual guidance.I see myself as a builder, from foundation to finishing touch.

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What kind of trainer am I? That is a question that I find difficult to answer. I see myself as a builder, from foundation to finishing touch. On the basis of a yearly planning discussed with the athlete, I am going to work with a clear construction of peak moment (s) and rest moments. To guide an athlete I use TrainingPaeks and if the athletes use a powermeter, I also use the WKO4 program. A trainer is someone who encourages an athlete to think about his training / contest program so that he can train himself after a number of years. The trainer's task shifts from someone who strictly prescribes the schedules for a trainer that acts as a kind of library. If an athlete is so far and he has a problem then he will contact me and together we will find a solution, An athlete must, as it were, gather a team of people around where he can get knowledge of any problems, there I am a trainer. Like an athlete, I've also gathered a team of people around me that can help me solve issues. There are not only people who have knowledge of the physical part but also a sports psychologist, mechanic, physiotherapist, dietitian, team leader of a professional cycling team and many others. These are all people I can handle with my questions, this also works the other way around if they have a problem. I respect the privacy of the athlete for 100%.

Preferred Athlete Levels
Intermediate, Advanced, Professional
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