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Maarten Strijbosch
TrainingPeaks Certified Coach Level 0
Maarten Strijbosch Optrimize
Maastricht Netherlands 6222 BS
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The training plans of Optrimize are designed by IRONMAN certified coach Maarten Strijbosch. Maarten has over 2 years of experience in coaching (professional) triathletes. His athletes have won several professional victories including 2 national championship titles under his guidance.

The mission statement of Optimize is to provide all the information you need to be optimally prepared for the start of your race.

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All training plans are created by combining the latest scientific insights with hands-on experience at the highest level. The plans are structured in the following way:

-The longer aerobic workouts are planned in the weekends and the time-efficient interval sessions are allocated to the workdays of the week.
-The training load gradually increases over the course of the training schedule.
-(Relative) rest days and weeks are included to ensure that you toe the starting line as fit as possible.
-Every training plan will start with fitness tests that will enable you to accurately calculate your training zones. These tests are repeated every 8 weeks and will help you track your progress.
-Every training contains information about, among other things, the goal of the training, nutrition, hydration, location and execution.
-A gradual increase in training load and strength, core and injury prevention exercises reduce the risk of injury.
-Videos of all swim, strength, core and injury prevention exercises ensure that you perform all technique exercises perfectly.

Each training plan includes the following 4 documents:
"How to get started"
"Zwemtechniek oefeningen"
"Core, Kracht en Flexibiliteit oefeningen"
"De verschillende trainingszones"

Maarten is ready to answer any questions you may have about your training plan. Feel free to send him a message or email.

Preferred Athlete Levels
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Professional
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