Lori Abbey
Lori Abbey Find Your Finish Line Endurance Sports Coaching
Lori Abbey
Lori Abbey Find Your Finish Line Endurance Sports Coaching

Tallahassee, FL , United States



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Lori Abbey
Lori Abbey Find Your Finish Line Endurance Sports Coaching
Tallahassee, FL United States
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I have been an active member of my running community since 2002 when I jumped into running and trained for my first 13.1. I bring enthusiasm and commitment to the local running and triathlon communities and athletes seeking my guidance all over the world; as well as my passion for endurance sports. As a Lydiard Certified Level II Coach, I am eager to help other athletes also reach their running/triathlon/endurance goals.

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I began my running "career" at age 35 (in 2002) when training with a long-time friend of mine, who pleaded with me to become her running partner in order to keep her motivated and focused on her goal. Shortly after our first half marathon, she stopped running for a time while I continued running half marathons - frequently with my mother, who is a breast cancer survivor. Along the way I "picked up" people who ran with me, or I ran with them depending on your point of view, who were looking only for a consistent pace and a positive mindset during the runs. I became what I call a Companion Runner. I didn't run a single race for myself or for an intentional PR until I decided to qualify for the Boston Marathon: it was a personal goal. Beginning in September of 2009, I set out with really only one goal in mind: Qualify for Boston, and PR in every distance I could before Boston 2011.

Now, 14 1/2 years later, I am a multi-time finisher in Boston and an "ironman" thrice over. I am a running and triathlon coach working with some of the best athletes all over the world.
I have a heart for all things endurance sport related. I hope to share with every single one of my athletes my passion for helping the person next to me do their best and achieve their biggest goals. I find as a coach I am once again in the privileged position I am most comfortable with: The companion runner (swimmer, cyclist, runner, training partner, coach); the eternal "Pollyanna."

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Beginner, Intermediate
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Tallahassee, FL
United States