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I love pack riding. Criteriums & track racing are my specialty. I work with individuals and groups with road cycling. I am skilled at helping an athlete sleuth to get the most from their schedule, and their body as they go after their goals. Another specialty is that I can help a team of individuals refine their skillset enough to pull off effective racing strategies together in races. I am a 3 x UCI Master's Track Worlds Silver Medalist (2K IP in 2015, 2K IP and Points 2016, 45-49 age group).


I am a USA Cycling Level 1 Coach. I have been coaching cycling since 2005, and coaching athletics since 1991, from rowing to swimming and now road cycling. I am certified in a method of core and nervous system training called Revolution In Motion that addresses the entire system of small muscles in the body to foster stability and enhanced proprioception when on the bike, or handling anything in life. In the event that you are making a transition from being injured to being active again, or changing something significant in your life, regarding career, lifestyle, or athletics; I am also a Certified Professional CTI Co-Active Coach ( I have a BA in Psychology, a BS in Kinesiology, as well as a double teaching certificate in Physical Education and Adapted Physical Education. I helped the USA Cycling Beginning Racer Program come to fruition. I Co-Directed the Northern California Early Bird Racing series from 2009-2017 with an amazing team of coaches. I currently coach in/from Northern California.


Windsor, CA
United States

Preferred Athlete Levels

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Professional


1-on-1 Coaching, Consultations, Group Coaching, Local Coaching, Remote Coaching, Strength Training, Nutrition, Mental Skills, Training Camps

Sport Types

Road Cycling, Mountain Biking, Cyclocross, Rowing, Speed Skating, Corporate Wellness



Athlete Requirements

The main thing I ask from a potential client or group of clients is that they be willing to learn and grow as a person alongside of being an athlete.


Windsor, CA
United States