Joe Lewis
Joe Lewis First Wheel Coaching Solutions, LLC.
Joe Lewis
Joe Lewis First Wheel Coaching Solutions, LLC.

Lafayette, CO , United States



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Joe Lewis
Joe Lewis First Wheel Coaching Solutions, LLC.
Lafayette, CO United States 80026
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I know life gets busy, but it doesn't mean your training has to suffer. Using a program crafted specifically for your schedule, strengths, and goals, I optimize training time and recovery—both on and off the bike—so you can train smarter, accelerate progress, and peak at exactly the right moment. With my help, you can build fitness intelligently and get the results you want in the time you have. On request, I can also provide efficient programs that are Zwift or smart-trainer compatible.

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I come to coaching with more than a decade of experience as a professional athlete in the European and domestic pelotons. During my time racing, I've faced my own share of setbacks: for example, two surgeries in my right knee over the course of 6 months. Following this injury, I started researching to figure out what went wrong, and one thing became clear: my old coaching method wasn’t working for me. So I created a new one.

I'm content leaving the professional peloton knowing the process I spent three years building helped me come back from injury and achieve results like the sprint leader’s jersey at the Tour of Colorado in 2018. I realized it could also help others avoid pitfalls and successfully navigate their own unique journey through the sport.

Winning provides powerful insight into what it takes to be a successful cyclist, but I've learnt just as much from the setbacks. They helped me create a more holistic roadmap to optimizing performance—one that accounts for nutrition, mentality, and other variables as well as numbers. They've also made me a more knowledgable and empathetic coach.

I know that refining the process for each athlete means constant analysis and tweaking to maximize progress and navigate the unpredictable elements that get thrown our way. With the insight gained from my ten years racing, I created First Wheel Coaching to help others perfect their own processes, so they can achieve the results they know they’re capable of.

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