jodie swallow
jodie swallow Swallows Triathlon
jodie swallow
jodie swallow Swallows Triathlon

Melksham , United Kingdom



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jodie swallow
jodie swallow Swallows Triathlon
Melksham United Kingdom SN12 8RB
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An online coaching service of the highest order for athletes with busy lives and big goals. Feedback is daily and program prescription is flexible and personal to each single athlete.
We very much believe in unique individuals having unique training needs in physiology, psychology, nutrition and in recovery that combine to create a complex spectrum of opportunity for development.

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I am Jodie Swallow and I work alongside my husband James Cunnama. The combination of both of our experiences over long professional triathlon careers, studies in sports science and further qualifications in high performing coaching to our clients. I am BTF Level 2 qualified and on the High Performing Coach Course currently. I won 3 World middle distance titles, am an Olympian and was a professional triathlete for 17 years.

We understand high performance intimately with some 3 World Titles, 23 70.3 wins and ten professional IM titles between us. For our Elite clients, we operate an athlete centred performance model that priorities development of autonomy and understanding as much as it challenges the body and mind to develop.

For AG clients with busy lives and high goals the other aspect of our lives made a huge difference to our understanding and knowledge of life/sport balance. At one point we had three children under two years old, then Covid hit and we had 3 under 3 and no nursery, help or respite.
James was still professionally racing and suddenly the reality of busy lives, work trips and parenting catapulted us into survival mode.
We now both work and not all the kids are not all in school. Our lives are full to the brim. We understand both our clients wants and those unnegotiable hurdles to them fully.
Life must always take priority for my clients . Training must always add to their lives and their families live through their happiness.
We help to make it possible.

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