Jeff Lawler
Jeff Lawler Pioneer Coaching
Jeff Lawler
Jeff Lawler Pioneer Coaching

Los Angeles, CA , United States



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Jeff Lawler
Jeff Lawler Pioneer Coaching
Los Angeles, CA United States 90065
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I am a Certified USAC Level 2 cycling coach with over 10 years experience coaching elite cyclists.

Pioneer Coaching Program

Intake Meeting and Initial Assessment
Premium Client account on TrainingPeaks
Data Analysis and Weekly Feedback
Advanced Coaching Plans, adjusted as needed
CompuTrainer Testing (2x)
Email & Phone Communication
Race Advice and Strategy Provided
Strength & Weight Training Plan
200 $ / month, plus 50 $ start up
no monthly commitment

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I have been a Level 2 USAC Coach for over 7 years, and I coach a broad range of individuals, from Road to MTB toCross to Endurance racing. I generally coach no more than 7 or 8 athletes at a time, which allows me to communicate and develop a relationship with each athlete.

Cycling began for me in University (1990) when I bought a bike to commute from home to classes. I soon fell in love with MTB, and I raced MTB for half a dozen years, competing as an Expert. It was fun, but a recent trip to France and seeing the Tour de France (1995) first hand had me rethinking what else there was to do on a bike. So I bought a steel frame Eddy Merckx and started racing the road. After a few years racing and upgrading, I moved on -- going on extended bike tours, lasting from several months to several weeks. These were occasionally alone and sometimes with friends, but always self-supported,

Eventually, I met my wife to be, and she brought me back to the racing fold. To help her succeed, I referenced back to my own training years ago, and started to study, take classes, and earn certifications for coaching. I felt an obligation to make sure that she had the best chance to succeed.

She did very well and within a year and a half she was a Cat. 1 Roadie. Eventually she would race the NRC circuit and ride several seasons with the Canadian Development team, including 2 stints racing in Europe.

Preferred Athlete Levels
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Professional
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Los Angeles, CA
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