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Sport Types

Triathlon, Road Cycling, Running, IRONMAN, XTERRA, Swimming, Adventure Racing, High School Cross Country, Corporate Wellness

Preferred Athlete Levels

Beginner, Intermediate


Running Form, Bike Form, Swim Form, Core Strength

New Runner Coaching, Run Form Clinics, New Triathlete Coaching, Tri Form Clinics, Injury Prevention, Weight Loss, Injury Management, Strength Training, Core Stabilization Training, Customized Race Training Plans

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My personal training came to a halt when I herniated my L5/S1 disc in my lower back. The Orthopedist and neurosurgeon both said my long distance running days were over and that I might be able to run a couple of miles slowly as a warm up, but anything more than would be painful.Well, that was numerous 5ks and 10ks, 15half-marathons, 5 marathons, 18 sprint triathlons, 7 olympic triathlons, 6 half Ironman distance triathlons (70.3) and 2 Ironmans ago.This came after extensive research in biomechanics, anatomy and physiology, testing my theories and then applying them. Obviously my formula for reducing the impact on my back worked.I continue to train and run races whenever I can.Due to my success I now coach running and running form privately, for running and triathlon clubs and running stores. I am a USAT Level I Certified Triathlon Coach, a Newton Certified Running Coach, a Lydiard Certified Running Coach and an RRCA Certified Running Coach.


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