Hector Bautista
Hector Bautista hectorbautista.net
Hector Bautista
Level 1 Coach

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TrainingPeaks Certified Coach Level 1
Hector Bautista hectorbautista.net

Alicante , Spain


English, Spanish

Sport Types
  • Mountaineering
  • Adventure Racing
  • 1-on-1 Coaching
  • Remote Coaching
  • Strength Training
  • Nutrition
  • Mental Skills
  • Training Camps
Athlete Requirements
I only accept athletes who are interested in practicing outdoor sports. It's a requirement to have access to a gym/crossfit box for strength workouts.
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Hector Bautista
TrainingPeaks Certified Coach Level 1
Hector Bautista hectorbautista.net
Alicante Spain 03010
Coach Bio

I'm an Adventure Racing coach.

I help people who want to get in shape with outdoor activities such as trekking, orienteering, trail running, and mountain biking.

My athletes will learn:

Mental and social skills (goal setting, mindfulness, team building, etc.)
Outdoor techniques (navigation, running, cycling, etc.)
Tactics of outdoor sports (planning routes, adventure racing competitions, etc.)
Strength training
Low-intensity training
High-intensity training

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I have a degree in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences and am double certified by the NSCA (CSCS, NSCA-CPT). I have been working with athletes since 2003.

I have introduced sedentary people to physical activity, helped injured individuals recover, and even assisted elite athletes in achieving their ultra-endurance goals, such as Adventure Races.

I'm an educator and love teaching my athletes in a holistic way, focusing on more than just the physical plan. That's why I schedule interviews with them to discuss their weaknesses and find solutions.

I've coached athletes for this races/challenges:

  • Gallaecia Raid (AR World Series)
  • Huairasinchi (AR World Series)
  • Malacara Race (AR American Series)
  • Raidaran (AR European Series)
  • Tierra Indomita - Vulcania (AR World Series)
  • Raid GuaranĂ­ (AR American Series)
  • Pyrene Raid(AR European Series)
  • National Adventure Racing Leagues: Spain, Ecuador, Chile
  • Mountain Biking: Pedals de Foc Nonstop Ultra Endurance
  • Trail Running: Vuelta al Aneto Ultra Trail
  • Orienteering: O-Foot and O-MTB Spanish League
  • Mountaineering: Transpirenaica, Winter climbing to Aneto

I am also an adventure racer. I started participating in sprint races in 2009, joined the Spanish Adventure Racing League in 2011, and finally began competing in the Adventure Racing World Series in 2023.

Preferred Athlete Levels
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Professional
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