Heather Davenport   Ignite Health and Fitness, LLC

I am a licensed Personal Fitness Trainer and a USAT Level-1 Coach. I am also an Approved CE Provider for the Florida Dental Board, teaching a course in functional strength and flexibility training for risk reduction and injury prevention. I enjoy working with all levels of athletes and particularly LOVE watching people discover things inside themselves that have been there all along. I created Ignite Health and Fitness to help spark that FIRE in athletes young and old. Accountability is key!


From the time I was a teenager, I competed in equestrian sports - dressage, show jumping and cross country jumping. As an adult, I bred, trained, showed and sold horses. My husband took up triathlon and decided I should give it a try. Right out of the gate, I was hooked, AND I developed a new understanding of what TRAINING really meant. Eventually, we sold the horses and the farm to focus on "people" sports. We raced Ironman events together and competed in ultra marathons and ocean marathons in the "off" season. To date, I have 7 Ironman races under my belt, many 50K trail events, several 100Ks and two 100-mile ultra marathons (Iron Horse in Florida and Umstead in North Carolina). When I train an athlete, I INSIST that functional strength training become an integral part of their "plan." I also INSIST on feedback via text and email. I can't understand what YOU need if there's no communication. My model is based on positivity, enthusiasm, accountability and encouragement. Whenever possible, I train WITH my clients. What better way to get immediate feedback AND provide encouragement with accountability!?


St Johns, FL
United States

Preferred Athlete Levels

Beginner, Intermediate


1-on-1 Coaching, Consultations, Group Coaching, Local Coaching, Remote Coaching, Strength Training

Sport Types

Triathlon, Running, Duathlon, IRONMAN, Swimming, Personal Training



Athlete Requirements

Phone or personal interview, completion of health waiver and liability release


St Johns, FL
United States