Paul Cummings
Paul Cummings Handsling Coaching Services
Paul Cummings
Paul Cummings Handsling Coaching Services

Klein-Winterheim , Germany


English, German

Sport Types
  • Road Cycling
  • Mountain Biking
  • Cyclocross
  • 1-on-1 Coaching
  • Consultations
  • Local Coaching
  • Remote Coaching
  • Mental Skills
Athlete Requirements
While a power meter is not essential to realise the full potential of your own abilities a power meter is advisable.
Meet Your Coach
Paul Cummings
Paul Cummings Handsling Coaching Services
Klein-Winterheim Germany 55270
Coach Bio

Handsling Coaching Services offers a variety of services to athletes focused on Road, MTB and Cyclocross disciplines, beginner through intermediate to advanced. Handsling Coaching has been in operation since 1992 and has a vast international experience with athletes competing in Category 1 in Asia, Middle East through to the Olympic Games level. Handsling Coaching focuses on power based training and while a power meter is not essential its advisable to gain the most from the services offered.

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Handsling Coaching Head Coach Paul Youcef Cummings is a lifetime athlete who has been coaching professionally since 1992. From attending the Atlanta Olympics Games as a National Coach through 4 World Amateur Cycling Championships and a National Cycling Title personally, the former Cat1 European racer and current German Cycling Cup Leader ( AK ) has an enormous exposure to both HR and PWR training techniques. Handsling Coaching Services operates globally with athletes throughout Australasia, Europe and Middle East utilising the Training Peaks training tools and the WKO4 analysis tools. Primary focus of Handling is the intermediate and advanced athletes who understand power training and compete in Road, MTB and Cyclocross disciplines. Beginner athletes who don't posses a power meter are trained using Heart Rate methodology.

Preferred Athlete Levels
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Professional
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