Paul Lind
Paul Lind Gauge 20 Running
Paul Lind
Paul Lind Gauge 20 Running

Challis, ID , United States


English, Spanish

Sport Types
  • Running
  • Mountaineering
  • Adventure Racing
  • 1-on-1 Coaching
Athlete Requirements
Athletes must have a good GPS watch, a smile, and a willingness to step outside comfort levels and try something new.
Meet Your Coach
Paul Lind
Paul Lind Gauge 20 Running
Challis, ID United States 83226
Coach Bio

Professional Endurance Coach

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My beginnings with endurance running began when endurance running really began in the U.S. - at the starting line in Squaw Valley in 1974 with my father, Dr. Bob Lind, and a notable runner, Gordon Ainsleigh. Since age 7, the sport has been an integral part of the Lind family. And for the past 16 years, giving back to that sport as a coach.

Old School - New School

Since my father's passing in 2016, I carry with me the old school teachings of endurance running philosophy about training, fueling, hydrating, recovery. That is not to say I am stuck in the old ways - I love to learn, to experiment, to read and talk and discuss newer and better ways to train.
I also spend six months a year coaching high school athletes in cross country and track in a very small mountain town, and have yet to grow up myself.
Being a retired engineer, I am a numbers coach, a software coach and an analysis coach. All the Gauge 20 athletes use the Training Peaks software for workouts. I spend hours charting and analyzing fitness, stress, fatigue and recovery. How to peak at the right time? How to run the perfect race?

I am a mental coach. Literally and figuratively. My athletes get to know me. And I get to know them. And I get into their heads. They can all handle a kind, encouraging butt-chewing and an occasional F-bomb.
I love to travel the world with my athletes and be there for their races. I love being a coach, crew and cheerleader.

I coach out of passion, not out of profit.

Preferred Athlete Levels
Intermediate, Advanced, Professional
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Challis, ID
United States