Emma Molloy   Fusion Cycle Coaching

I offer a complete coaching service to ensure that you are prepared for wherever your cycling journey goes. Services offered include training programs, training camps, group sessions, nutrition coaching and programs to return from injury / downtime. My service offering evolves in response to client requirements and interest.


I started cycling in my 30’s to lose weight and get fit. I still remember my fear of doing a hills ride, and how hard it was to get through a group ride. Since then, I’ve done triathlons, time trials, road races, mountain biking, and epic events. Some of the hardest were:

  • Three Peaks Challenge (235km and 3 mountain climbs, 13 hours to complete)
  • Val d’Aran Cycle Tour in the Pyrenees (140km with 5 mountain climbs, completed in the rain, 7.5 hours to finish), leading to qualifying for the UCI Masters World Championship.
  • Cape 2 Cape mountain bike event (200km over 4 days)

I now enjoy passing on my experience and helping athletes on their own cycling journey. I started coaching in 2014. My coaching qualifications and completed courses include:

  • Road and Track Skills Coach (Cycling Australia)
  • Training Peaks University, Coaching Summit and WKO4 webinars (Training Peaks)
  • Nutrition Coach (Australian Institute of Fitness)

Most importantly, I have an analytical mind and I like to figure out how and why. I am continually developing my knowledge through reading, attending conferences, analysing data and talking to my athletes.

When I’m not thinking about cycling or nutrition, I work as an environmental consultant, helping companies to manage the environmental impacts of their work. This involves a lot of communication, analysis and report writing, so it complements my coaching skills.


Scarborough, WA

Preferred Athlete Levels

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced


Local Coaching, Remote Coaching, Nutrition, Training Camps

Sport Types

Road Cycling




Scarborough, WA