Quentin Field-Boden   VeloTraining

Particularly interested in coaching cyclists for endurance events from time trials to multi day events.

I provide coaching services primarily for road cyclists. I do not offer multiple levels of coaching services, by restricting my client numbers I provide a single and very personal level of coaching, I believe that all clients deserve equal levels of coaching commitment regardless of their abilities or status.


Association of British Cycling Coaches (ABCC) qualified, I offer hard work and attention to detail in my coaching. I strictly limit my client numbers. My history in endurance sport includes marathon running and endurance cycling events, La Marmotte, Etape du Tour, Raid Pyreneen, Raid Alpine etc. Rode entire route of the Tour de France in 2010 riding each stage as the pros rode them, started and finished 3 days ahead of the peloton. I think training and coaching can easily be over complicated and can become overwhelming and confusing. I believe that many newcomers and also those with many years of involvement can make huge gains in performance using uncomplicated but scientifically sound techniques. I favour a consistent steady approach to bringing about physiological adaptations, rather than large numbers of different sessions. I believe that many performances are limited not by a lack of effort but by a failure to do the right things at the right time, and to recover properly.


United Kingdom

Preferred Athlete Levels

Intermediate, Advanced


Remote Coaching

Sport Types

Road Cycling



Athlete Requirements

Athletes using power meters and/or CompuTrainers preferred.


United Kingdom
NE66 2QP