Dr. Thomas Mortelmans
Dr. Thomas Mortelmans Endurance Sports Quest (ESQ) Coaching
Dr. Thomas Mortelmans
Level 1 Coach

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TrainingPeaks Certified Coach Level 1
Dr. Thomas Mortelmans Endurance Sports Quest (ESQ) Coaching

Schaffhausen , Switzerland


English, German, Dutch, Flemish

Sport Types
  • Road Cycling
  • 1-on-1 Coaching
  • Consultations
  • Local Coaching
  • Remote Coaching
  • Biochemical Analysis
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Dr. Thomas Mortelmans
TrainingPeaks Certified Coach Level 1
Dr. Thomas Mortelmans Endurance Sports Quest (ESQ) Coaching
Schaffhausen Switzerland 8200
Coach Bio

Dr. Thomas Mortelmans, brings a unique blend of scientific insight and hands-on experience to ESQ Coaching. Specializing in endurance road cycling, he combines his extensive background in biomedical sciences and data analysis with a passion for cycling. His approach is evidence-based, focusing on tailored training programs that cater to athletes of all levels. Join Thomas at ESQ Coaching for a journey that's as exciting as it is effective, where every pedal stroke brings you closer to your dream

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Dr. Thomas Mortelmans is a distinguished figure in the world of cycling coaching, merging his academic prowess in biomedical sciences with a deep love for road cycling. Holding a Ph.D. from the University of Basel, Thomas excels in applying scientific principles to training methodologies, ensuring his athletes benefit from cutting-edge techniques.

His career includes several significant contributions to health care science. This experience underpins his unique approach to coaching, where precision, data-driven strategies, and innovative thinking are paramount.

Thomas's qualifications extend beyond his academic achievements. As an avid cyclist and chairman of the global J&J Virtual Cycling Club, he understands the practical aspects of endurance sports. His involvement in cycling events and his role in Cycling for Children (UNICEF) demonstrate his commitment to the sport and his community.

His coaching philosophy is centered around continuous improvement, personalized training regimens, and fostering a deep understanding of cycling dynamics. Thomas emphasizes the importance of mental resilience, ethical standards, and inclusivity in sports, creating a supportive environment for athletes at all levels.

In addition to his technical skills, Thomas is known for his effective communication, interdisciplinary collaboration, and leadership qualities. These attributes make him not just a coach but a mentor who guides athletes towards achieving their personal best.

Preferred Athlete Levels
Beginner, Intermediate
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