Endurance Apes
Endurance Apes By Faster with Julio
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Endurance Apes
Endurance Apes By Faster with Julio
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Antwerp , Belgium


English, Spanish, Dutch

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Athlete Requirements
Want to become an Endurance Ape? All that is needed is the will to work hard and consistently!
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Endurance Apes
Endurance Apes By Faster with Julio
Antwerp Belgium 2000
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Are you looking to become an Endurance Ape? Is your goal to become a fast runner, but also to have the strength of an Ape and feel amazing in your daily life.

I will share with you a methodology that mixes strength and endurance to optimize your race results, while keeping a strong body that will be resilient to injuries!

The plans are designed for the weekend warriors with full time jobs and limited time. Focus is quality, not quantity.
Join my program and achieve results like never before!

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I'm a 20 time marathoner, active athlete and VDOT certified Marathon coach.
Running is my passion and I like to share the knowledge I've acquired throughout my more than 10 years running/coaching.

I have run [18 x Sub 3:00], [11 x Sub 2:50] and [7 x sub 2:45].
Current PRs for a Full Marathon is 2:40 and Half Marathon is 1:15

All this while weighing 78kg, and having a muscular build. I have managed to stay injury free for many years, by bulletproofing my body with strength training.

I also have run the 6 Marathon Majors and have experience in many other courses, so I can give my athletes an in-depth walkthrough and race strategy, to help them execute and run their best race.

I have achieved these results while having a full time job, so I have a great understanding of living a "time constrained" day for training and designed the plans to maximize results by making an optimal use of time to get the best results out of each workout.

My philosophy revolves around quality, every workout must have a purpose. And durability, to be able to achieve success in marathon or any endurance sport. You need to stay healthy, this is why I include cross training sessions and plyometric exercises, kettlebell & core workouts to help you prevent injuries.

I share many tips, workouts and other running related content on my Instagram feel free to check it out @faster.with.julio

Any inquiries or questions you have, don't hesitate to send a DM via IG or an email.


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