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Dr Justin Ross
Dr Justin Ross
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Denver, CO , United States



Sport Types
  • Triathlon
  • Road Cycling
  • Running
  • Mountain Biking
  • Cyclocross
  • Duathlon
  • Swimming
  • Personal Training
  • Rowing
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  • Skiing
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  • Adventure Racing
  • High School Cross Country
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  • Mental Skills
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Meet Your Coach
Dr Justin Ross
Dr Justin Ross
Denver, CO United States
Coach Bio

You dedicate hours to training your body, improving your endurance, and increasing strength. You obsess over gear choices and take steps to be as dialed in as possible. You optimize nutrition and recovery. Yet, despite your dedication you may be neglecting one of the most important aspects of being an athlete: Your Mind.

I specialize in training the mental side of sport with the first (and only) embedded sports psychology training plan in Training Peaks. I am also a Certified Cycling Coach.

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Dr Justin Ross is a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in human performance psychology, living in Denver, CO. He is a recreational, amateur athlete who enjoys cycling, running, and triathlon with the following endurance race highlights:

* Leadville 100 MTB, 2022: 9:55
* Silver Rush 50 MTB, 2022: 5:26

* California International Marathon, 2019: 2:57 (Marathon PR)
* 12 time marathoner
* 6 time Boston Marathon Qualifier
* Boston Marathon, 2019: 3:03 (fastest Boston marathon finish)
* Too many half, 10km and shorter distance races to remember!

* Ironman 70.3, Boulder, 2015: 5:26
* Member: Ironman Foundation/Newton Running Ambassador Team 2015
* 2 time Ironman 70.3 finisher
* Too many Olympic distance races to remember!

His professional career has spanned working with athletes ranging from the world class in disciplines across all major sports (including those in the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL and too many endurance athletes to count), to amateurs working to optimize their performance in their own goal related pursuits.

He has been a featured guest on many podcasts (Training Peaks Coach Cast, Koop Cast, Strength Running, CTS Trainright, Leadville 100 MTB, and Another Mother Runner to name a few), and has written on the mental side of sport for numerous publications such as Runner's World, Bicycling Magazine, and Outside Magazine.

His coaching philosophy: To educate, motivate, challenge and inspire athletes of all ability levels to work towards their personal best.

Preferred Athlete Levels
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Professional
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Denver, CO
United States

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