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Dr. Joshua Madsen   Infinity Chiropractic Center: Pediatrics and Developmental Delays


Waukee, IA
United States



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I am the Owner and operator of Infinity Chiropractic Center: Pediatrics and Developmental Delays, where we work with kids that have learning, attention, and behavioral disorders. I started in this specialty field by taking hundreds of hours in post graduate education in functional neurology, pediatric neurodevelopment, and functional medicine. I love to learn, and even more I love to help kids live better lives. I especially love helping kids that struggle and seeing them overcome their delays!

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Growing up I had many health challenges of my own, I had an immune system disorder called Primary Immuno-deficiency, allergies, and asthma. On top of all of that I had focus issues, and a reading disability. As I have grown through my education I have learned very valuable lessons on how the body works and what it takes to improve the health of the body. This knowledge has helped me to naturally improve my immune system function and get rid of my asthma and allergies along with my primary immuno-deficiency. Which the last one I was told was impossible to get rid of and I would likely die at a young age from! I have overcame my learning disabilities and attention issues naturally. Now I absolutely love to read and learn.

I did all of this by improving my brain development, improving my diet, changing my breathing, and taking the appropriate supplements to help my brain function well. Through my years as a clinician I am sure that almost any childhood ailment can be improved naturally if approached appropriately! That is why I have started this online coaching service so I can use my knowledge to help kids even if they are not in my office!

Bachelors of Science in Movement and Exercise Science from the University of Northern Iowa.
Doctorate of Chiropractic from Palmer College of Chiropractic
Functional Neurology and Developmental Neurology Education through Post graduate courses from Carrick Institute, and Functional Neurology Seminars.


1-on-1 Coaching, Consultations, Remote Coaching, Strength Training, Nutrition, Mental Skills, Biochemical Analysis

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All Ages are eligable. I prefer to work with kids who have learning, attention, and behavioral issues!

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Waukee, IA
United States