Dr. Greg Wells
Dr. Greg Wells The Wells Group Inc.
Dr. Greg Wells
Dr. Greg Wells The Wells Group Inc.

Toronto , Canada


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Dr. Greg Wells
Dr. Greg Wells The Wells Group Inc.
Toronto Canada
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I am an exercise physiologist and I specialize in human performance in extreme conditions. I am very interested in helping people reach their potential as athletes, regardless of their current level of fitness or health. My team and I offer training programs and 1-1 coaching for cycling, swimming, running and triathlon. We also have expertise in strength and conditioning, nutrition and sport psychology for those needed specialists to help them reach their dreams and goals.

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Dr. Wells is a scientist and exercise physiologist. Dr. Wells is an assistant professor of kinesiology at the University of Toronto where he studies elite sport performance. He also serves as an associate scientist of physiology and experimental medicine at The Hospital for Sick Children where he leads the Exercise Medicine Research Program. There, he and his team explore how to use exercise to prevent, diagnose and treat chronic illnesses in children. Previously, he served as the director of sport science at the Canadian Sport Institute, and taught elite sport coaches at the National Coaching Institute.

He grew up as a competitive swimmer and has subsequently competed in events such as the Nanisivik Marathon - 600 miles north of the Arctic Circle - Ironman Canada, and the Tour D’Afrique, a grueling 11,000-kilometre event that is the longest bike race in the world.
Throughout his career, Dr. Wells has coached, trained and inspired dozens of elite athletes to win medals at World Championships, the Commonwealth Games and the Olympics. He has studied athletic performance in some of the most severe conditions on the planet, like the Andes Mountains and the Sahara Desert.

Dr. Wells is the author of Superbodies: Peak Performance Secrets from the World’s Best Athletes (HarperCollins, June 26, 2012), which explores how genetics and DNA, the brain, muscles, lungs, heart and blood work together in extreme conditions.

You can learn more at www.drgregwells.com.

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