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David Zuber
David Zuber
Norton Shores, MI United States 49441
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A strong coach/athlete relationship is building around a plan that fits into the athletes life and open communication. Asking questions is important and an open mind will take you a long way in this sport with knowledgeable guidance. I enjoy working with athletes who enjoy training, want to get the best out of themselves and pushing their athletic boundaries.​

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My journey into this sport and coaching started as a child. I was given a Timex IRONMAN and I vividly remember watching the IRONMAN World Championships on NBC in high school. Fast forward 20 Years to 2011. I have a career as an auto technician and I was a smoker. I knew it was a habit I needed to kick, and I did it cold turkey. But I replaced cigarettes with food and found myself not feeling as great as I thought I would after quitting. I joined a gym and realized I enjoyed working out, and was feeling more energetic at work the more consistently I went to the gym.
Six months into going to the gym my journey to triathlon started to take place. I was introduced to mountain biking, which led to running and then competing in both mountain bike races and running races. Unloading my mountain bike at the trailhead I saw a sign for an Xterra triathlon and signed up that night, not really knowing what I was getting myself into. I completed that race and fell in love with the sport and quickly realized how much I enjoyed the three disciplines of triathlon. Triathlon has become more than just a passion for me, it has become a lifestyle. With proper guidance I have become a confident athlete, strong open water swimmer and multi time IRONMAN finisher. I have perfected a balance that is synergistic with a physical job and allows me to thrive in sport and life. Coaching is my passion and I enjoy working with athletes who embrace the sport and want to get better! That is when it’s truly fun

Preferred Athlete Levels
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
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Norton Shores, MI
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