Danielle Marks
Danielle Marks Big Gear Squad
Danielle Marks
Danielle Marks Big Gear Squad

Surrey , Canada



Sport Types
  • Triathlon
  • Road Cycling
  • Running
  • Duathlon
  • Swimming
  • Personal Training
  • High School Cross Country
  • Collegiate Cross Country
  • 1-on-1 Coaching
  • Consultations
  • Group Coaching
  • Local Coaching
  • Remote Coaching
  • Strength Training
  • Nutrition
  • Mental Skills
  • Training Camps
  • Bike Fit
  • Run Analysis
  • Swim Analysis
  • Biochemical Analysis
Athlete Requirements
100% from athlete = 100% from coach
Meet Your Coach
Danielle Marks
Danielle Marks Big Gear Squad
Surrey Canada V4A1Z9
Coach Bio

Trisutto coach disciplined and mentored from the legend: Brett Sutton.
I offer online coaching for: triathlon, trail/cross country running, and personal fitness training - please email me for more information.

Danielle looks forward to learning about your journey with health and fitness so that we can continue on the path of physical and mental health together with Big Gear Squad.

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Danielle wanted to train harder to become the best athlete that she could be to do the same for others as well. She signed up for formal coaching with Trisutto and improved 10 fold. She also began to pay attention to the style of coaching she was receiving and reflected on what was working for her and what she would change when one day she was in the driver's seat. During this fast-paced, goal-oriented time in her life, she trained hard all over North America at various camps and grew exponentially into her physical prowess. What she had neglected, however, was her mental prowess. Over the next 3 years, she learned a lot about herself as she straddled the priorities of balancing physical health and mental health. She learned first-hand what it means to live with a mental illness (depression, suicidal thoughts and anxiety), why it happens, neurological stress pathways, and nutrition. Now on the other side, navigating these priorities as a science - being intentional about what you do and why you do it - is the method of success that she lives and share every day. She thought, “maybe if excise is supposed to make you feel better and it doesn’t, maybe you need a different kind of movement” She delved deep into studying neurology and how pain works in the mind. She now helps her athletes and clients with with any kind of pain from IT band, to sciatica, to migraines, to arthritis and see’s results in a manner of minutes as opposed to traditional physiotherapy. PM for info

Preferred Athlete Levels
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
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