Simon Hansen   Create Power

We all know what it takes to get better: You've got to put in the hours to get form.

My focus is getting the most out of those hours, making it as fun and adverse as possible. I know the theoretical stuff - What I work hard at is implementing that into fun, diverse training plans in which you will learn why we do what we do while training.

I specialize in training for time trials. I implement what psychology I can into them, so there is plenty of advice to find besides training in your zones.


B Class rider (Cat 2?) 35 years of age.

I'm a powerful, stocky rider by nature. A limiter for me would be my weight on longer climbs, so I guess I'm lucky I race in a flat country. By nature I'd be a power sprinter but what I really love is riding time trials and trying to change my physique into that of a good time trialist. The mindset and motions you go through riding them intrigue me, and capture much of the essence of training towards a goal for me.
It's the ultimate way of knowing if your training works, and if you hit your peak at the right time. It is never by chance you do good in a Time Trial!

I am also a directeur sportif for a Danish Junior Cycling Team, working with the time trials as my main area of expertise.



Preferred Athlete Levels

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced


1-on-1 Coaching, Local Coaching, Remote Coaching

Sport Types

Road Cycling


English, Danish

Athlete Requirements

Only athletes with power meter