Corey Coogan Cisek
Corey Coogan Cisek Triple C Coaching
Corey Coogan Cisek
Corey Coogan Cisek Triple C Coaching

Minneapolis, MN , United States



Sport Types
  • Road Cycling
  • Running
  • Mountain Biking
  • Cyclocross
  • Cross Country Skiing
  • 1-on-1 Coaching
  • Consultations
  • Group Coaching
  • Local Coaching
  • Remote Coaching
  • Mental Skills
Athlete Requirements
Desire for physical improvement and personal growth. Otherwise, none. I take you, as you are, and we work towards where you want to go!
Meet Your Coach
Corey Coogan Cisek
Corey Coogan Cisek Triple C Coaching
Minneapolis, MN United States 55406
Coach Bio

I am a USA Cycling Level 2 coach and current professional cyclocrosser. I enjoy coaching cyclocross, road, MTB, running, and Nordic skiing--all ages and genders.

You need not be a superior athlete with big goals. If you are, great, but, if you “just” want to run your first 5 km, I’m equally excited to help you!

Specialties/Interests: cyclocross, junior development, female/FTW cyclists, helping beginners develop fitness, skills and self-confidence, and work/life/training balance.

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Athletically-speaking, I have been competing my entire life. As a child and young adult, I was an Olympic hopeful first in alpine skiing and then in Nordic skiing. Currently, as a cyclocrosser, I am a 2-time Master's National Champion, who lives/competes in Belgium in the winter.

I provide personalized coaching based on your individual goals, strengths, weaknesses and availability. Workouts are delivered via Training Peaks in 2-4 week blocks. The onboarding process (usually a month) is intensive as I get to know you. We discuss your goals, preferences, and time availability. In the beginning, I prescribe training one week at a time until I get to know you better.

My approach is holistic. I try to prescribe training that fits within your life and that you (usually) enjoy. It doesn’t work to “just” schedule ideal training blocks and send you on your way. I get the most out of you within the constraints and challenges of your schedule, work, and personal life. A happy and rested athlete goes faster!

As a result of my experiences as a junior elite (good and bad), I am keenly interested in helping junior riders develop athletically and personally. My lens is long term. It’s important to set the foundation for athletic success and enjoyment over the lifetime. Likewise, cycling must be balanced with academics, family life, and other sports and hobbies.

Reach out to me to discuss what I can do for you (or your child).

Preferred Athlete Levels
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Professional
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Minneapolis, MN
United States