Katie O'Connor   Coach KT 60647

I am a UESCA Certified Run Coach, have been running competitively since 2003, and have been in the fitness industry for over 8 years. I am passionate about helping other runners achieve their goals. From beginners to seasoned runners tackling new goals, I am here to help you be the strongest [mentally & physically] runner you can be [and have fun doing it]!


Ever since I started running [cross country], I fell in love with the sport, I loved the strength that it gave me, and I loved the community that it gave me. When I was running I could achieve anything. I had a dream to run a marathon, I knew it would be hard, it would take sacrifice, it would take dedication. Finishing my first marathon gave me the confidence to believe that any goal I set out for myself, no matter how grand in size, I could achieve. It made me a stronger person. Now the further the better. I get psyched when I see “20 some miles” on my training calendar, the longer the better – sick I know. I actually get excited to be the sore, hobbling runner you see the day after the race.

I live in Chicago with my husband, daughter, and two cats. I love exploring the area, trying new restaurants, and cheering on the local sports teams (Go Illini!). Things I cannot live without: coffee, cookies, wine, and RUNNING! When not enjoying time with family and friends, I’m most likely running (on the Lakefront Path, the 606, or on the Trails!).
I’ve competed in several marathons including the Chicago Marathon, the Maui Marathon, and the Boston Marathon. And I’m currently training for my new love - ULTRAS (if I can’t get faster, I’ll go farther). I’ve run a couple 50ks, and gearing up for my first 50 Miler next year (2018)!


Chicago, IL
United States

Preferred Athlete Levels

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced


1-on-1 Coaching, Consultations, Local Coaching, Remote Coaching, Strength Training

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Athlete Requirements

I'm excited to work half marathoners, marathoners, ultra marathoners, trail runners, etc! Anyone who has a passion for running, I'm excited to work with!


Chicago, IL
United States