Jason Boynton, Ph.D.
Jason Boynton, Ph.D. Boynton Coaching, LLC
Jason Boynton, Ph.D.
Jason Boynton, Ph.D. Boynton Coaching, LLC

Perth , Australia



Sport Types
  • Road Cycling
  • Mountain Biking
  • Cyclocross
  • 1-on-1 Coaching
  • Consultations
  • Local Coaching
  • Remote Coaching
Athlete Requirements
The ownership of an accurate power meter is highly recommended.
Meet Your Coach
Jason Boynton, Ph.D.
Jason Boynton, Ph.D. Boynton Coaching, LLC
Perth Australia 6016
Coach Bio

Dr. Boynton is a sport scientist and exercise physiologist; performance consultant; USA Cycling level 1 coach with 15+ years of experience; an elite level cyclist who has been competing in endurance events since 2001; and co-host of The Cycling Performance Club podcast.

He has devoted most of his adult life to developing his expertise in cycling performance by traveling the globe to study and work with the best in the field.

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Take one look at the top tier teams in the World Tour and we can see a new trend in cycling performance. Increasingly, it is exercise physiologists and sport scientists who are prescribing workouts and optimizing the performance of the world's best cyclists. This is because the human body is extremely complex and the science of training has advanced immensely in the past two decades. Consequently, the traditional 'generalist' and 'ex-pro' cycling coach are no longer the best option for many cyclists.

However, there is nothing to say the expertise of sport scientists and exercise physiologists should be limited to only the pros at the top of the sport. This level of guidance should be available to any devoted cyclist able to recognize its value and desire it- and this is why Boynton Coaching was founded.

Contact Jason today to setup a time to discuss your performance goals and find your most efficient path to success!

Preferred Athlete Levels
Intermediate, Advanced, Professional
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