Marco Nicoli

I have been participating in Multi-sport for 7 years and have completed triathlons ranging from Sprint to Ironman. Prior to Triathlon I have been a lifelong athlete growing up playing soccer in Italy.
My focus is on Triathlon and Cycling.
I prefer 1 on 1 coaching as I believe it provides the best results and performance on race day. Every athlete is different in their physiology, strengths, weaknesses and response to training.
I will also write training plans for specific events if requested.


My Certifications are as follows:
USA Triathlon Level 1 Coach
USA Cycling Level 2 Coach
USA Cycling Power Based Training Certified
Training Peaks Certified Coach
My coaching and training approach is predicated on the belief that quantitatively driven training provides the most likely path to success. This process is based on creating an unbiased and objective assessment of an athlete, their strengths and weaknesses measured against goals and objectives. Only once this is done can a training plan truly be designed that will be both tailored to the athlete and focused on their goals.
As the athlete develops and changes, the data will reflect it and the training plan will be adapted to match the new needs of the athlete. This will insure progress and not stagnation.
One thing I found in both coaching and my own training is that quantifying performance improvements (and/or decline) can be a great motivator for an athlete. It can provide validation that all the hard work is worth it. It can also force an athlete to face shortcomings in their approach to training or the coach in their training prescriptions.
Nothing can replace the knowledge, experience and insight of a good coach, but a good coach can achieve extraordinary success if he or she not only has access to quantitative data but can apply it to the individual athlete. This will result in more efficient and effective training, avoiding the trial and error shotgun approach that can lead to plateaus or worse to injury.


Encinitas, CA
United States

Preferred Athlete Levels

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced


1-on-1 Coaching, Local Coaching, Remote Coaching

Sport Types

Triathlon, Road Cycling, Running, Swimming


English, Italian

Athlete Requirements

I limit my services to athletes who use Heart Rate and GPS on the run and Power and HR on the bike. My approach is quantitative and to provide the best service I need accurate and unbiased data.


Encinitas, CA
United States