Jonathan Melville
Jonathan Melville Breakaway Coaching and Analytics
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Jonathan Melville
Jonathan Melville Breakaway Coaching and Analytics
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London , United Kingdom



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Jonathan Melville
Jonathan Melville Breakaway Coaching and Analytics
London United Kingdom
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BCA offers 3 coaching packages designed to suit your requirements:

  • Pre-built training programmes

  • Personalised plan ~ £65 per month

  • One-to-one coaching ~ £150 per month

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Endurance sports can be analysed from 3 main perspectives, the athlete, the coach, and the researcher. I have experience in all 3 of these domains.

I started my career in endurance sports as a cyclist where I aimed to become a professional rider. My training was demanding and although got me to national races and a semi-professional race team, it burned me out.

As a result, I decide to study sports science at university where I started to learn about endurance sports principles. After four years of education, I obtained my BSc in Sports and Exercise Science and a master’s from the University of Exeter in Sports and Health Sciences.

I was keen to apply what I had learned from my knowledge and experience as athlete and student, which lead me to start BCA. I started BCA to ensure athletes continually get better without burning out or sustaining injures, like I did.

However, I wanted to develop my knowledge and skill set further. So, I started a Ph.D. where I research recreational marathon runners. During my Ph.D. I have written articles for The Conversation presented a workshops/conferences and been interviewed by the BBC.

These experiences combined allow me to see your training from the eyes of an athlete, coach, and researcher. Giving me a complete understand of how to analyse your training requirements and to optimise your performance. So drop me an email and let's talk about how to get you better.

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