Rachael Wilson
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Rachael Wilson
Rachael Wilson Bikecoach.com

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  • Triathlon
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Rachael Wilson
Rachael Wilson Bikecoach.com
Redlands, CA United States 92373
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I believe in helping my athletes with all aspects of the sport not just training plan design. I believe in teaching my athletes cycling skills and I personally teach these skills. I'm also not above teaching beginner skills. I teach everything from learning how to get in and out of clip-less pedals, to pack riding etiquette, to how to take a race line, to how to do a TTT and even high level race tactics. I also personally provide professional bike fits for all my athletes in my studio.

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My love of bikes started before I can remember when my dad road me to my baby sitter on a little kid set on his top tube. I began bike touring in the Bay Area when I was 13 in 1981. My stomping ground was the foothills above Stanford Campus. When I was in college at UC Davis in the early 90's I began racing USCF and collegiate and fell in love with the sport of bike racing. I raced at the amateur level for 10 years. During my time at Davis I received a degree in art. I found being an artist I was good at spotting things my team mates didn't see like a bad position for a race finish or missing a perfect opportunity for getting into a break. I found out I'm good at reading races and became tactically useful for my team. Slowly I found I was good at mentoring riders out on the road. At the same time I was racing and riding in Davis I was teaching ceramics. I actually ended up teaching ceramics for 25 years, all the while casually mentoring cyclists. I also figured out along the way I'm a really good bike fitter again probably due to my art back ground.
Fast forward to present time and I'm still working hands on with cyclists. I believe to be an effective coach you need to be hands on. I work best with athletes that I can ride with and work with at least occasionally in person. This is

Preferred Athlete Levels
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
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