Akos Baji
Akos Baji SpartanFitt Instructor (Mobility, Bodyweight, Fighter Advenced Lvl.)
Akos Baji
Akos Baji SpartanFitt Instructor (Mobility, Bodyweight, Fighter Advenced Lvl.)

Budapest , Hungary



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Akos Baji
Akos Baji SpartanFitt Instructor (Mobility, Bodyweight, Fighter Advenced Lvl.)
Budapest Hungary 1028
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SpartanFitt is not just another trend in functional training, but a results-oriented condition training concept. Based on effective conditioning and strength developing methods, and combines them in a more functional way to keeping you motivated to push yourself to the limits! Many exercises and great variety of equipments helps you, to build a strong functional muscle, achieve a physique and stamina you can use in your daily activities, to reduce stress, to step out of your comfort zone.

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My name is Akos Baji, I’m a graduated Fitness Instructor and certificated Functional Trainer (Spartan Fighter Level 2., Spartan Bodyweight Training, Spartan Mobility Workout), as part of the Spartan Gear International Academy. Before coaching, I’ve worked as a Stunt Performer in Film Industry, I developed skills in martial arts, combat and extreme sports.Today I compete in performance sports, like SPARTAN Race Obstacle Course Race, Trail Running and in Kettlebell Sport. At present I’m a competitor of the Pilisi Sparta Academy Sport Association, and I’ve got my competition license from the Hungarian Kettlebell Sport Association.
I consider myself a reliable, enthusiastic, demanding, dedicated, dynamic and persistent person, for whom self-development with continuous learning and experience, pushing my boundaries to the limits is important both physically and mentally. This attitude promotes my progress as a coach, and makes me a trustworthy, seriously professional help for you!
My goal as a trainer is to create a community where sports, and training means value and lifestyle, thereby I can help you to improve your quality of life, and make you to fall in love with the joy of moving. Together we can achieve your goals, from improving your well-being, to preparing for a competition, in any concern of recreation you can imagine. I give my best to support you on this journey, keeping in mind: the most important thing is to enjoy the work together, because “Strong Never Give Up!”.

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Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
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