Alexander Ray   aray

Even though times can be tough - very tough, I've still, always attached myself to the beauty of cycling.

I sadly never rode the Tour de France and was never in the World Tour but did spend a few years at the Continental level and was able to race against the best in the world.

Challenges grossly seemed to outweigh the benefits but what started off as seemingly insurmountable only gave me the experience to become invincible and conquer


I began racing at high school in Auckland, learning about the important factors about being in a team. Racing in Australia, the UK and Belgium before making the higher ranks in the USA, my awareness continued to expand. Many different situations I've been in allowed me to learn what is necessary to build base/sustainability; Expand your edge to become very competitive. Beyond the major, physical part of cycling, it is important to be level headed and I aim to help keep riders balanced with their gains because you never want losses to be detrimental to your goals!

Specific/prescribed training was always difficult for me but I learned training techniques and strategies from other professionals, dabbling with certain workouts myself and witnessing the results.

Having helped other riders (myself too) gain various elements to be competitive and achieve goals, I simply want to keep being able to help encourage and grow riders so they achieve their goals!

This is simple, get in touch and we can see if our collaboration will help you achieve YOUR GOALS


New Zealand

Preferred Athlete Levels

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced


1-on-1 Coaching, Group Coaching, Local Coaching, Remote Coaching, Training Camps

Sport Types

Road Cycling, Cyclocross



Athlete Requirements

As long as you have an interest and desire to have improvements.


New Zealand