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Kiss Andras
Kiss Andras
Godollo Hungary
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As a coach I'm on to help you to set and achieve your goals. This sounds to be simple, but right goals and right preparation is crucial in short and especially in longer run. Being physically prepared in terms of strength, stamina or speed is far not enough if mental prep is not in the picture.
I've been close to cycling and mountain bike sport for about 25 years. What I learned is that the environment is moving quickly. Need to be up-to-date all time.

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I got in contact with cycling as a youngster. In a couple of years I was very eager to start racing in road, but quickly learned that without proper preparation it's not that motivating. Later I was racing in mountain bike races on national level as well as in really tough races in the Alps where I always pushed my limits on the most difficult courses. Multiple time podium on highest distance, but never overestimated myself.
In last 8-10 years as a coach I specialized to youngsters. How to get the most of it when being young. Adult years are highly build upon preparation that was done as young. Being young every year counts, not only as chronological, but biological.
Be effective! Have a coach!

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