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WKO4 Software is Changing the Future of Training

WKO4 continues to change how data is used to help coaches and athletes achieve their goals. Now available for PC and Mac, this highly advanced software allows for new ways to compare data, introduces new metrics, and gain faster insights.

Developed by TrainingPeaks, WKO4 analytical software is helping endurance coaches find new and innovative ways to use training and racing data. Available now for PC and Mac, WKO4 gives coaches the ability to view and compare data in ways that were previously not possible.

Dean Golich, Premier Coach and Head Performance Physiologist at Carmichael Training Systems, is using WKO4 to compare metrics and find answers to questions he could only speculate on previously. “The possibilities of WKO4 are endless,” says Golich. “My first priority was to adjust all power data for environmental conditions. Now I can compare different rides and training in regards to heat, altitude, and more.”

Not only does WKO4 work with existing metrics and data channels, it was also developed with the ability to add new metrics and channels as they are created. With the emergence of running power, TrainingBible Elite Triathlon Coach and author Jim Vance, is using WKO4 to continue identifying new ways to leverage the data from running power meters. “WKO4 is the most advanced training analysis software I have ever seen. I am learning new things with it all the time,” says Vance.

Based on an athlete’s unique physiology, one of the key focuses of WKO4 was to evolve the analytical capabilities of coaches to allow them to understand not only what happened, but also why it happened at an individual level. “WKO4 allows me to look at data beyond the numbers and understand how those numbers are produced,” says former professional cyclist and coach Bobby Julich. “I am using WKO4 not only to profile and analyze my athletes’ past performances, but also to see how to replicate and improve upon those in the future,” says Julich.

In addition to these new innovations in data analysis, TrainingPeaks has created the first ever Chart Exchange. This allows WKO4 users to publicly share charts, or download and use charts developed by some of the world’s top coaches for free. 

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