What are You Leaving on the Table, Coach?


As someone who has worked with endurance coaches for the more than a decade, I know that you are always looking at how you can improve your business. Even if you don’t typically think about your coaching as a “business”, you want to be as efficient as you can, provide your clients with your best services possible, and offer them the best tools available in the industry.

If you’re not doing that, you are leaving something on the table – whether it’s revenue, level of service for your clients, or perhaps most importantly, time to pursue your own personal life and goals.


E-mail, Excel, and Google Docs are simply not an efficient way to manage your clients. These tools are clunky, difficult to manage, and were not designed for the unique demands of coaching numerous clients.

In contrast, TrainingPeaks was created in order to solve the unique problem of one of the industry’s best coaches, who wanted an efficient way to serve his endurance expertise to many athletes. Not surprisingly, if there is an efficiency hangup in your workflow, TrainingPeaks can solve it. The software allows you to create your own workout libraries so you can write up specific workouts, save them for usage over and over, and simply drag and drop them onto a client’s schedule when you want to assign them. You can also create your own custom blocks of training in what we call Training Plans / Templates to easily distribute workouts to a client or multiple clients. If you write up a particularly good training plan, go ahead and sell it in our plan store – generating extra revenue on top of your coaching revenue!

When the workouts come in from your clients, you can quickly analyze workouts and device files that have been directly uploaded by your athlete client into their TrainingPeaks account. If your athlete is a Premium client, you will also get Post Workout Notifications emailed to you when they upload. Provide comments and feedback on their workout, and Post Workout Notifications will email it to them directly. Enjoy back and forth commenting with email notifications between yourself and the client – enabling frequent and open communication.

E-mailing files, training schedules, and calendar invites are methods of the days gone by. Having efficient tools specifically designed for endurance coaches helps you gain more time to grow your business, or pursue your personal goals.

Level of Service

It doesn’t matter how large or small your business is – we all want to offer the best experience we can to those that pay for our services. The service that you provide your clients can definitely set you apart from your peers. Using a professional tool, built for exactly what you do, will improve your existing methods substantially. With an internal messaging system, a robust web-based calendar, scheduling features, and the industry’s leading analytical tools at your disposal, TrainingPeaks Coach Edition will enable you to offer your clients a better service.

Whether you’re getting someone off the couch for the first time or guiding an Elite athlete using heart rate, power, and/or GPS devices, TrainingPeaks offers the most advanced tools available. Based on scientific research, our charts and graphs will help you pull out trends from the past week, month, or years so that you can prescribe the kind of training your client needs to achieve their specific goals. No need to puzzle over countless stats – we’ll show you what to look at. Don’t guess at where their fitness is and how much rest they need to be on peak form – our Performance Management Chart will model it out for you.

You’ll also have the ability to integrate your branding into your client’s whole experience – from having a custom login page, a branded training log and calendar, and daily workout emails with your logo. Even integrate your TrainingPeaks login onto your website so your clients never have to leave your page.

Looking and being professional speaks volumes about your service – and how serious you are about your business.

Best Tools Available

Just as important as it is for your clients to get your plan, your clients need to record their workouts so you can give them feedback and modify their training as needed. TrainingPeaks not only provides you with the most advanced tools for Monitoring, Analyzing, and Planning, but it also provides them with an easy way to keep you updated. Your clients can login to their Athlete Edition account and update from anywhere they have an internet connection. No internet connection? They can use our free TrainingPeaks Mobile app to record workouts directly on their smart phone.

Leave Nothing on the Table

TrainingPeaks Coach Edition helps you become a more efficient coach, offer your clients a better service, and give you both the specific tools needed for success. At the end of the day, we all need to be doing these 3 things – no matter how large or small our business is.

About the Author

Stephen Hancock

Stephen "BD" Hancock leads the TrainingPeaks Coach Edition Sales Team. He was TrainingPeaks' first employee. and in his past 10 years with the company, he has been the coaches' first point of contact, introducing them to the Coach Edition and educating them on how to best integrate the Coach Edition into their business – no matter how big or small.' He began racing Triathlons in 1988, racing all distances, and coaching as well.

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