Webinar: Off Season Nutrition-Taming the Wild Beast


Some athletes use the off-season as a license to go off the deep end with their habits and food choices. Late night snacking! Sure it’s the off-season! Double helpings of dessert? Yes please, why not!  It may seem like gaining an extra 15+ pounds in the off-season is no big deal, but it can make starting back into training and your regular nutrition routine very difficult.

Now is the perfect time to examine your habits, food choices and develop a balance between the training season and off-season.  Learn how the body’s needs change during this time and how you can address those changes with your dietary choices.  Finally, use helpful tips and tricks to make smart decisions when attending the endless holiday parties and gatherings that can add loads of unnecessary calories to your diet! 

Learn from Professional Triathlete, Registered Dietitian and USAT Level One Coach, Kim Schwabenbauer, RD, who has counseled over 250+ athletes to make better choices and achieve their nutrition and weight loss goals in the world of triathlon.


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