Webinar: Methods and Tools for Training in the Winter


In this webinar we will be covering:

  1. How to find your weakness, and things to consider 
  2. Base/Endurance training in winter
  3. Maximizing time on the trainer

About the Author

Eric Kenney

Eric Kenney is the owner and founder of EK Endurance Coaching. Based in Boulder, CO the coaching group offers customized coaching specifically tailored for each athlete. Coaches travel to other parts of the country to coach our athletes in races and frequently run training camps in various locations. Local clients have access to the highest level of coaching right in their own backyard with group rides and runs. Enjoy winter cycling classes, coached swims and the most valuable set of team sponsors and partners. EK Endurance Coaching is currently accepting new clients.'For more information, visit www.ekendurancecoaching.com.

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