Webinar: Improve Running Form in the Off-Season


The “off-season” for an endurance athlete is not really “off”. Rather, it’s crucial for the athlete to stay consistent with their quality of “on” season training.

In this free webinar, 5x Olympic running coach Bobby McGee discusses the key factors of off-season training:

  • Building a base: busting the myths and mistakes in this area so that we can conduct our training correctly
  • Strides: Using alactic speed work to maintain neuromuscular capability without risking “getting stale” from too much lactate threshold work, or the risk of VO2max training in the cold
  • Going strong to go long: how to build a strong platform and posture to support an upcoming high-volume phase
  • Drills: How certain drills to support your strides can assuage your transition to quality training in the spring

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