Webinar: Transitioning from 26.2 to Beyond


You’ve tackled 5k, 10k, 13.1, 26.2 and now you want to go even longer. Where do you start? This webinar will introduce you to the basic concepts of training for an ultramarathon and specifically deal with the transition from marathon training to beyond 26.2. We’ll look at progressions to various distances, samples of various training weeks and schedules, the differences in terrain that most marathoners encounter when heading to their first ultra, and incorporating cross training and other workouts into a schedule to keep runners healthy in the transition.


 Ryan Knapp is founder of Miles to Go Endurance, where we empower athletes of all levels and ages to unleash their physical talent and potential by challenging their spirt, mind and body. His main coaching focus is on trail, mountain and ultra running athletes and is a certified through the RRCA and ITCA. Ryan is dedicated to furthering the coaching knowledge and science in the sport trail, mountain and ultra running.

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