Webinar: Mental Preparation for Racing your Best on Race Day


When race day arrives, are you full of confidence and excitement or fear and doubt? Do you put so much pressure on yourself that you don’t race your best on race day? What if you could reach the start line of your race feeling calm, confident, and prepared for anything the day throws at you? Your physical preparation will get you to the start line, but it’s your mental preparation that will get you to the finish knowing that you gave it all you had that day. This webinar will introduce you to five essential steps for optimal mental preparation to get the most out of your body on race day.

Carrie Cheadle is an expert in Mental Skills Training and a Certified Consultant through the Association for Applied Sport Psychology. She works with athletes at every level, from recreational athletes to elite and professional athletes competing at national and international levels. Visit her website at www.carriecheadle.com and sign up for her newsletter to get free tips and articles on mental skills training.

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