Webinar: Dave Scott’s Set Yourself up for Success on Race Day



In this special webinar, Dave Scott, the 6 time Ironman World Champion, USA Triathlon Hall of Fame member and coach to champions like Chrissie Wellington, Craig Alexander and Rachael Joyce, along with David Glover, MS, CSCS share the tangible practices and tools that top athletes use to perform at their best on race day.

Topics covered in this webinar include: 

  • Setting (and revising) short-term goals.
  • Creating a “winning” race day strategy.
  • Developing a mental road map for the course.
  • Taking a physical self-inventory during the race.
  • Being in – and getting back to being in – the moment.
  • Overcoming low moments and setbacks.

You can now learn the tools achieve your “winning” success on race day, too.

The webinar is appropriate for coaches and triathletes of all distances who desire better results.