Using the Dual Calendar and Group Calendar in TrainingPeaks

Using the Dual Calendar and Group Calendar in TrainingPeaks

The new Dual and Group Calendars help coaches work more efficiently. Both calendars help you monitor, create, deliver schedules, and more. Read more about these two calendars to learn how they can help you.

We created the Group Calendar and Dual Calendar in TrainingPeaks Coach Edition to help you get more done in less time. These two calendar views can be used in many ways, from planning for multiple athletes at once to creating training plans from previous schedules. Here is a short description and video of each calendar.

The Group Calendar

The Group Calendar was created to allow coaches to organize and view multiple athletes on their screen. You may wish to organize your athletes by level, sport type, race distance, or any other filter you choose. Create as many groups as you like, but an athlete can only be a part of one group.

Using the Group Calendar, you can view:

  • Check schedules
  • View workout compliance
  • Plan workouts for one or multiple athletes at once.
  • Using the group calendar, you can quickly view a single week for several athletes.

View the video below to see how you can use the  Group Calendar.

The Dual Calendar

The Dual Calendar allows you to view two calendars side by side on your screen. You can load up any athlete, plan, or athlete group you wish to view. Simply drag and drop a workout from one calendar to another.

The Dual Calendar can be used to:

  • Easily compare and contrast athletes
  • Drag and drop workouts from one athlete to another
  • Compare two groups of athletes
  • Create a training plan from an existing athlete’s calendar
  • Compare an athlete’s schedule to the same time last year