Webinar: Mental Training for Elite Performance


In this webinar, UnitedHealthcare professional cyclist and head coach at DaybyDay Coaching, Ben Day, joins together with USAF F-15 combat fighter pilot and mental training expert at Dynamic Human Solutions, Mark J Williams, to discuss how a mental conditioning program can enhance performance before, during and after race day.

  • Get the scoop on the latest discoveries in mind research: the benefits of mental conditioning and how this training is no different than physical conditioning
  • Proactively manage stress: learn the science behind stress and simple exercises to keep your nervous system in the Optimal Zone
  • Taming the untrained mind: understand how to harness the mind to keep it on point and working for you
  • Daily workouts: preparing for high-intensity situations by strengthening the foundations of mental toughness and situational awareness
  • Competitive applications: how you can apply mental training exercises to enhance your performance